These are the most frequently asked questions our client’s are asking us; Custom Clothing Manufacturer

As one of the leading producers of private label clothes, we offer various kinds of OEM and ODM services in accordance with the demands of our clients.
In accordance with your designs, tags, labels, buttons, etc., can be created and affixed to the items made specifically for you. All of these additions do, however, have greater MOQs (in the thousands), and we can store them for use on your subsequent orders.
We specialize in manufacturing Shirts. These are the services we provide:
— Designing 
— Pattern Making and Grading
— Sampling or Prototype Development
— Printing: We provide a range of printing services, including digital printing, screen printing & hand-block printing. We only use natural fibres such as cotton, organic cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo, and other natural fibre blends. For printing, we use azo-free dyes/ink which is skin-friendly. 
— Custom Tags, Labels, Heat Transfers, Product Stickers etc
— Shipping 

Before beginning the sample procedure or when necessary, we must have the following information from you:
— A fully assembled tech pack, or alternatively, a garment that may be couriered to our mailing address,
— Information on the base fabric ( We will send you fabric swatch book for you to choose), 
— Your preferred printing method,
The design files for the artwork,
— Your anticipated order amounts by size and colour.

We feel most at ease with long-term partnerships where our customers provide us a projection of their monthly needs. Then, we can plan for raw material deliveries and handle unforeseen circumstances to deliver regular, on-time deliveries of finished goods.

For fully customized product, the MOQ is 50 pieces per color per design.

For ODM, products with our own design and sizing, the MOQ is 50 pieces in total regardless of design and color. 

between 2-3 weeks from the date we receive complete required information and sampling payment.

Every single piece we manufacture, goes through stringent test at every critical stage of the product development namely –

  1. Sourcing of fabric

  2. Grey fabric procurement

  3. After the fabric is printed/dyed

  4. Line checking before cutting

  5. Line checking after sewing

  6. Measurement & hygiene check after finishing

  7. Final inspection before and after packaging

Other than above, our quality control team ensures the following and put OK stickers on each before it goes for boxing – 

  1. No whole in any fabric/garment.

  2. No lose threads.

  3. No stitching errors.

  4. 100% preshrunk.

  5. No stains.

  6. No printing mistakes.

  7. According to provided sizes with 1 to 1.5 cm tolerance

  8. Quality packing

Because of our non-disclosure policy at Eco Stitch, no one outside the company’s eco-system is allowed to see, share, or use your designs for reference.  We don’t produce the identical designs for different customers.
Additionally, because we value your privacy, we are willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you.

The design files are required in a format that don’t pixelate (vectorized) when we try to increase the size of the design. Thus, we recommend .ai (Adobe Illustrator) file but we can also work with .pdf, .jpeg, .eps and .tiff files.